May 20, 2024

The United Kingdom’s High Commissioner to Ghana, Harriet Thompson, has admitted , that China has become a super power.

This comes after the British Foreign Secretary, Rt Hon. James Spencer Cleverly, early admitted that the Republic of China is now a super power when he was addressing the UK – China relations last week.

Harriet Thompson, says there is absolutely no global challenge, being climate change, pandemics, economic stability, nuclear threats including others that the world hopes to deal with without engaging China.

“It’s undeniable, China is a super power and there is no challenge, no global challenge that we can possibly hope to deal with it without engaging China”. Harriet Thompson said this on the PM-express on Joynews.

However, the non-resident Ambassador designate to Benin, Burkina Faso and Togo, said in as much as Great Britain and the world at large recognized China as a super power, the UK will confront them should China overstep it’s boundaries.
“When we see China undertaking behaviors that we believe are unacceptable, then we will be bold in calling those out” she disclosed.

Harriet Thompson explained that, the UK – China relations is about both engagement and being confident in challenging.

According to the High Commissioner, her government will continue to engage with China on all the necessary issues that are important to engage.

She revealed the world is still in the pandemic and a huge proportion of the products needed to fight the pandemic comes from China, also due to the rapid technological advances of China, they become a reliable country in providing most of the solutions to the challenges as a result of the pandemic, hence the world’ super powers must continue to engage with China.

She believes although China as proven to be a super power, it has no right to deny others of the human rights.

She believes the British government has been balanced in dealing with the Chinese government as they have been bold in calling out and has encourage the international system to call those unacceptable behaviors out through the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Source: Blanckson