May 20, 2024

The senior brother for Techimanmahene and Chief of Staff of the Techiman Traditional Council, Nana Stephen Akumfi Ameyaw, has encouraged the people of Akesimaso to build their houses in the community in order to develop the area.

Nana Stephen Akumfi Ameyaw, made this statement when the Kingmakers of Akesimaso presented Rev. Nana Takyi Brempong Twi II to the palace of the Queen mother of Techiman as the new Chief of Akesimaso.

According to history available to¬†, Akesimaso is the traditional community of the people of Techiman as it’s believed the ancestors of Techiman started their life in that community aside it being the hometown of the Paramount Chief and President of the Techiman Traditional Council.

Rev. Nana Takyi Brempong Twi II, succeed the late Nana Owusu Achiew Akesimasohene, and was duly presented to Omanhemaa Nana Abrafi Koto, where he was taken through the necessary customs and later sworn the oath of office as the new Akesimasohene.

As custom demands, while advising Rev. Nana Takyi Brempong Twih II, Nana Stephen Akumfi Ameyaw, urged the new Akesimasohene to adhere to the traditions of the land and avail himself to the traditional council whenever his services are required.

“Remember you have taken an oath to avail yourself to Techimanmahene, you did that at your own free will so remember to abide by that.” He said

He urged him to advise his people to desist from building their houses in the Techiman township and focus on developing the traditional community of Techiman.

“Gradually, Akesimaso is developing, the town is growing so as a chief of the town, you must ensure that the development does not stop, a lot of the inhabitants of Akesimaso have buildings in the Techiman township and the rippling effect of it is that, the development of Akesimaso is being slowed down, you have to manage the town in a way that it will attract the inhabitants of the town and other visitors to build at Akesimaso.” Nana Stephen Akumfi Ameyaw advised.

Nana Stephen Akumfi Ameyaw, future assured the new Chief of Akesimaso that he has the full backing of the Techiman Traditional Council hence must discharge his duties fairly without any fears.

Rev. Nana Takyi Brempong Twi, promised to develop the community and also  abide by all the traditions of the community.

“Indeed I have seen that development has become stagnant at Akesimaso, so I am promising my people that I will change the situation at Akesimaso and bring development to the town. ”

“Just read my lips, that two years from now, Akesimaso will be developed”. Rev. Nana Takyi Brempong Twi said

According to him, education, health and human development will be his main aim as the chief of Akesimaso.

“Schools, hospitals and creation of jobs will be of high paramountcy to me and I will ensure that Akesimaso will see the development it deserves” He said.

Source: Blankson