May 20, 2024

The Aworawa Health Center and the Awarowa community Health Committee on last Friday, 7th July, 2023,  organized a day of awareness for girls in Aworawa basic school and Akrofrom basic school on menstruate health hygiene.

They also ceased the opportunity to donate sanitary pads to the young girls.

According to statistics most of the basic children know little or nothing  about menstrual health or their own menstruate cycle and the consequences that they go through.

Madam Gyaw Letricia, wHealth promotion officer Aworowa Health Center, said more of these girls need some education from health experts and every year they organized this program to educate them and also distribute some pads and materials to motivate them to desist from engaging into sexual activities.

“we have educated the young girls on menstrual hygiene and also how to prevent any infections during menstruation”.

“Some stakeholders and elders of the community help us in donating to the girls by providing us with exercise books, sanitary pads, pens and medications (vitamins ) to support their immune system.”

Hon. Martin Afful, a government appointee in the  Techiman North Assembly advised the young girls to “desist from sexual activities and their parents to provide their children with the necessary needs for menstrual hygiene to prevent them from sleeping with men for those needs.

Some of these girls who spoke with our reporter, expressed their profound gratitude to the The Aworawa Health Center and the Awarowa community Health Committee for their kind gesture.

Source: Blankson