June 13, 2024

Ghanaian reggae / Kuchoko artiste and media personality Abubakar Ahmed popularly known as  Blakk Rasta, has described Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II publicly wearing a Freemason suit as disgrace to the stool.

He said the Ashanti Kingdom is not a joke of Freemasonry so Asantehene who is one of the greatest kings of the world should not dress in a Freemason suit.

“I am honestly ashamed anytime I see Otumfuo dressed like this, in a suit and things like that. You are one of the greatest kings of the world, you are an ancient king, Osei Tutu I, should be ashamed seeing you dressed like this, why should you dress in a suit? Let alone a Freemanson suit. You are the king of Ashanti, the Ashanti Kingdom is not a joke of Freemasonry. It is a powerful ancient entity.” He said on his TV3 show.

According to Blakk Rasta, looking at the story of the Ashanti Kingdom and the process in which some can become an Ashanti king, the conduct of Asantehene to dress in a Freemason suit is a demeanor for the Kingdom.

“Do we know the story of the Ashanti Kingdom? Do we know what it takes to become Ashanti king? Do we know what was the Ashantis fighting to keep the Ashanti Kingdom? Do we know what it means to say Asantehene and Asanteman? You will dress in a Freemason suit, sometimes in a British teller’s suit, I think is a demeanor for the Kingdom” He said.

“What is the importance of dropping your so-called official name anytime you become an Asantehene? Anytime you pick up some ancient kingship or Chieftaincy? You pick up what is known as the stool name, you have your own allegiance to any other thing but the stool. Today, you are in a Freemason suit, let Kufour and the rest dress in Freemasonry, let Kwame and Jonathan dress in their Freemasons suit, that is okay, they want to be Freemasons I don’t have problem with them I have problem with the ancient king. ”

“I think it’s a disgrace. I’m not happy about this as a Pan-Africanist, a man who loves tradition, a man who loves the culture of great ancestors. I think Asanteman should start speaking with Otumfuo about this. I wouldn’t even have too much of a problem if you had worn your Kente and in your palanquin. Let the other Freemasons wear their Freemason garments,” He added.

Blakk Rasta comment comes after an event was held at the Bro Otumfuo Sir Agyemang Prempeh II Masonic Hall, in Kumasi to honor the Asantehene.

Freemasons were dressed in their suits to celebrate Asantehene, known within the Grand Lodge as Most Worshipful Bro Otumfuo Osei Tutu II  25-year journey in Freemasonry.

Source: Elvisanokyenews.com