May 20, 2024

A business and digital innovation hub, Agrico Hub, on Friday 26th January, 2023, organized a strategic planning workshop for businesses in the Bono East Region.

The workshop, which was aimed at assisting entrepreneurs, startups and MSME founders was designed to provide the participants with the necessary tools and guidance to navigate the challenges they may face and help them create effective strategies for sustainable growth.

The workshop also focused on the specific needs faced by startups such as access to finance, market opportunities, and technical advancement.

The Chief Executive Officer of Agrico Hub, Mr. George Antwi Boasiako, with the help of SWOT Analysis educated the participants on how to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities, and potential threats facing their business.

Addressing the media, Mr. Antwi Boasiako explained that his outfit strongly believes that every business should pass the test of time and that it can be possible if the owners are intentional about every aspect of the business.

However, he said most startups don’t have any strategic plan to grow and sustain their businesses hence the need for the strategic planning workshop.

“Today’s program is to look for the best ways to develop strategic plans for our businesses, we have a believe that, once you set up a business, that business must be in existence for a long time so we must be intentional about every aspect of the business but we have realized that, most businesses lack strategic plan for their businesses to grow so that is one of the reasons we organized this workshop.” He said.

Mr. George continued, “We also want our business owners to be intentional about every aspect of their business in terms of their customers, product, future plans, brand, and model of running the business.”

“So today, we discussed a lot of things, we talked about the current state of their business (where are you), future of the business (where are you going with the business), how to achieve your future plans, challenges facing the business and possible solutions to the challenges.”

He further disclosed that they will organize other workshops that will enhance the growth of businesses within the Bono East enclave.

According to him, Agrico Hub will soon open a business co-working space environment for the business community in Techiman and its surrounding communities and therefore urged all business-minded people to Patronize the Pramaso Cafe Lounge for their business meetings and other business-related activities.

The workshop received positive feedback from participants who expressed their gratitude for the valuable insights gained and the networking opportunities provided.

“A lot has been learned today, so going back as a poultry farmer, I will have to review my plans because I have learned not to plan for even two years without reviewing the plan, at least every month I have to go back to the plan to see if the plan is still on course.” A participant said.

Another explained, “We have now come to realize that, if we sit down and plan our business, the benefit of it will be more so going back, I and my team will go back to review our plans to see our shortcomings and improve on it, so we are very grateful to Agrico Hub for this workshop.”