May 30, 2024

Some Residents of Dwaho in the Dormaa Municipality of the Bono Region are bemoaning over the deplorable nature of roads in the municipality.

The aggrieved residents say the nature of the roads are greatly affecting every aspect of their daily lives, including education, health, and farming activities.

They claim they have been neglected by the government as they said the local authorities have not paid much attention to their bad road network despite their numerous appeals.

“We are very serious about this because we are part of Ghana, after voting, they tend to take us for granted, we don’t understand why we all voted for the government but our roads have not been fixed” a resident said.

Another revealed that, “when it’s time for elections, they act like they care about us, during the tenure of the NDC, they brought machines on the road when we are about to vote but after the elections, we didn’t see anything again and same has happened under this government so if they don’t fix our roads, we won’t vote” another lamented

The Committee Chairman of Dwaho, Mr. Isaac Kwame Kyeremeh said “all the local authorities are aware of our grievances but they have decided not to help us, that is why we are saying that we won’t allow any party to come to campaign in our community or vote for the government in the next elections if the situation does not change.”

Some residents who spoke to Ark news monitored by said, “This is the time we need them to come to our aid but we don’t see them. This is why we voted for them, but we still don’t see anything”. One resident lamented.

Source: Blankson